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MRM Capital Holdings & Investments and its global network of associates provide strategic advisory services that maximize investment opportunities through our Merchant Banking and Financial Communications divisions. 

MRM Capital Holdings’ team has decades of combined experience in structuring corporate transactions for long-term viability as well as generating market visibility and investor awareness to enhance shareholder value and support funding. MRM Capital Holdings’ services are designed to identify and assist undervalued companies as they reach commercial success.


About the Firm

MRM Capital Holdings specializes in finding capital and debt solutions for a wide range of investment opportunities. Our team of experienced professionals possesses strategic planning and consulting expertise to quickly determine value-added solutions for our clients. We have a proven track record of success in raising private equity, bridge and debt capital for real estate, distressed debt, and private and public entities. With a well-established network of top-tier professional relationships, we can source deals and identify opportunities effectively. 


Ability to raise substantial equity and debt capital from private high net worth individuals and institutional resources for real estate acquisitions, mezzanine debt, bridge financings and various secured debt financings. Distressed Real Estate debt and REO acquisitions and placement and bridge financing transactions are currently being sought. Immediate capital available for appropriate transactions.


Private Equity

MRM Capital Holding’s Private Equity and Merchant Banking Division invests in corporate assets throughout the United States with a particular emphasis on the West Coast through its Strategic Investment Area (SIA). Investments are made directly, on behalf of MRM Capital Holding’s and its Affiliates, and in some instances through syndication with other industry investors or individual investors that MRM Capital Holdings has a working relationship with.

Growth Investments

Investments in promising companies seeking capital to fund further growth through acquisition or expansion

Minority investments

Buying a minority stake in an existing business

Recapitalizations & Restructurings

Investments to facilitate the recapitalization or restructuring of attractive businesses or real estate companies and partnerships MRM Capital Holdings’ Merchant Banking Division focuses on smaller, middle-market companies with sales revenue of $5 to $50 million. The principal mandate is for “control” equity investments in later stage companies. The average commitment to any one transaction is anywhere from $1 million to $5 million of capital for each investment.MRM Capital Holdings prefers a long-term approach, focusing on the maximization of value for both its investment partners and a portfolio company’s management

Management buyouts or leveraged build-ups

Investments with experienced managers to purchase the companies they operate or create a platform for acquisitions of related companies


Matthew E. Avruch

Matthew E. Avruch is the principal founder and Managing Partner of MRM Capital Holdings & Investments Inc. brings a wealth of experience to the firm. With over 40+ years of Wall Street, Corporate and entrepreneurial success in the real estate and financial services industry, his background includes raising capital for commercial and residential real estate projects, both locally and nationally, through a variety of public offerings, syndications and private placements.


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